Tragic New Jersey case provides lessons for Connecticut dog bite victims

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A dog escaped his yard and injured two boys while on loose. We discuss the issues of liability in dog-related attacks. This article is brought to you by Loughlin FitzGerald.

New Jersey is reeling from a second fatal dog attack in less than a month. According to a recent report by a local ABC affiliate, the first attack occurred when a large bull mastiff escaped his yard and mauled two boys. One boy was treated for bite wounds on his hands. The other boy’s body was found later that night. The 13-year-old victim likely died from dog bite wounds inflicted by the massive dog.

More on the attacks

According to the report, the dog’s owner attempted to stop the dog from attacking by repeatedly stabbing it. Witnesses also note the dog had a reputation for aggression, particularly toward children. Experts with animal control in the area told reporters that the fence used to contain the dog was too small to keep the dog within the yard. These experts are expecting the investigation to determine the dog jumped the fence, allowing it to maul the children who passed the owner’s yard.

In addition to this brutal accident, another attack was reported earlier this month. The attack involved a 10-year-old boy left alone with his father’s two pit bulls. A local NBC affiliate reported neighbors’ notified police of the attack. The neighbors broke down the door after hearing screams and promptly called police when they saw the dogs attacking the child. The neighbors attempted to stop the attack, but the dogs repeated went after the young boy. When police arrived, the dogs turned to attack the officers, prompting the officers to shoot the dogs in order to subdue them and avoid further harm.

Dog bite victims and Connecticut law

Although these attacks occurred in New Jersey, similar accidents can happen anywhere in the country, including Connecticut. Those who are injured by a dog bite can hold those responsible for the animal accountable. Connecticut state law holds the dog owner liable for any damage done by the animal.

State law provides special consideration if a child under the age of seven is injured by a dog. One consideration is a presumption that the child did not provoke the attack. If an owner feels that the child in some way caused the attack, the owner must overcome this presumption by providing evidence.

This is just one argument that must be taken into consideration when attempting to establish a dog bite case for a victim. Once established, a victim could be eligible to receive compensation to help cover the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation along with other expenses. Due to the traumatic nature of a dog attack, this could include the cost of future counseling expenses.

Legal counsel can help

Dog bite law is complex. As a result, it is wise for those who are injured to contact an experienced Connecticut dog bite injury attorney. This legal professional can guide you through the process and better ensure your legal rights and any potential for remedies are protected.

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