The brain injury recovery process

Brain Injury,Firm News On Thursday, April 14, 2016

Connecticut residents who suffer brain injuries in incidents like motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and more may face a challenging road to recovery. The Brain Injury Resource Center indicates that the recovery from a brain injury focuses on two main areas. The first is the restoration of functioning and the second is the relearning of things when full restoration is not possible.

The exact path to recovery will vary from person to person based upon the level of impairment and the type of injury sustained. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, some level of acute care is generally needed at first. This may even include a stay in an intensive care unit if the person is unconscious, unable to breathe without support, unable to swallow and more.

Once a person is alert enough, work can begin on regaining the ability to perform basic tasks associated with daily living. Getting dressed, eating and brushing teeth would be some examples of these tasks. After that, the focus moves to helping a patient regain the ability to live independently. Medication may be utilized along with therapy for the management of pain, depression or other mental health issues. Drugs may also help to control or prevent seizures, blood clots and other complications.

Therapy for brain injury patients works to restore the ability to concentrate, solve problems, speak and understand language. People may also require work to regain full gross motor skill as well as fine motor skill functioning. In general, the more basic items will be tackled first with complexity added as a patient progresses.

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