Thanksgiving weekend car accidents

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Thursday, November 16, 2017

When people get on the Connecticut highway to visit loved ones over Thanksgiving, they usually think about the fun they will have with family, not the possibility of a car accident. However, driving on holiday weekends can be dangerous and it is important to understand what drivers can do to make sure they arrive at their destination safely.

While people may die on the road at any time of the year, holidays generally witness more fatalities. The Washington Post says that alcohol plays a role in 33 percent of the fatal accidents which occur around Thanksgiving. This percentage is not much higher than the average percentage of collisions that involve alcohol. However, it is still important for drivers to use caution. One group calculated that in 2015, 52,300 people would receive injuries in a car crash, while 433 people would die.

It is important for drivers to ensure they are practicing safe driving habits over the Thanksgiving weekend. Adults should typically ensure that everyone in the car wears a seat belt and that they switch drivers if one grows tired behind the wheel. Additionally, people should be careful not to drive faster than the speed limit and to refrain from driving if they are impaired.

The days around Thanksgiving can also be dangerous for drivers. Time says that the Wednesday before Thanksgiving usually has about 25 percent more collisions. Black Friday typically sees a 34 percent increase in crashes. The accident rate usually decreases as the holiday weekend nears its end. Only 37 percent of drivers who travel on the Monday after Thanksgiving are likely to be involved in a collision.

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