Summertime is a busy time on the nation’s interstates

Firm News On Thursday, July 19, 2018

It can be a lot of fun to hit the road during the summer months, as there is nothing better than taking a road trip on your own or with family or friends.

Since the summer months are when most people vacation, you can expect a large number of crowds on the nation’s interstates. While this may be something you’re used to, it doesn’t make it any easier to maintain your safety.

Here are several tips you can follow when driving on crowded interstates this summer:

  • Watch your speed: You never want to drive in excess of the speed limit. Not only is it against the law, but it increases the likelihood of being part of an accident.
  • Keep a safe following distance: It’s not always easy to do on crowded roadways, but you should attempt to keep a safe following distance at all times. The more space you leave, the easier it is to safely stop your vehicle in a hurry.
  • Stay in the right lane: There are sure to be times when you drive in the left lane, such as when passing a commercial truck. However, you should spend the majority of your time in the right lane, as it’s the safest place to be.
  • Watch for inclement weather: The longer you are on the road, the greater chance there is that you will eventually run into bad weather, such as a rain storm. If this happens, you need to adjust your driving style, such as by slowing down.
  • Take breaks: As excited as you may be about reaching your destination as quickly as possible, you need to take breaks every now and again. This gives you the opportunity to refresh your mind and body, improving your alertness.
  • Avoid distractions: Distractions have a way of coming into play as you spend one hour after the next on the road. Any distraction, regardless of how minor it appears, can cause a serious accident.

Even if you’re following these safety tips, there is no guarantee that every other driver is doing the same.

If you’re part of a car accident, move to safety and call 911. You want police to arrive at the scene, as the responding officer can take control and help ensure your safety.

Once you receive medical treatment, you need to focus on the cause of the accident, how to make an insurance claim and the best way to protect your legal rights.

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