State grant helps fund increase DUI crackdown

Drunk Driving Accidents,Firm News On Tuesday, June 28, 2016

As Connecticut residents gear up for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a combination of excitement and concern can be experienced. Fun plans for gatherings with friends and family members can all too easily be marred by serious accidents. Holidays like the Fourth of July provide too many opportunities for reckless drivers to cause crashes. It is not uncommon for these incidents to involve impairment by alcohol.

Law enforcement officials in Connecticut are aware of the dangers that drunk drivers pose to innocent people. It is with this in mind that they were happy to receive a grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation to help fund a comprehensive program to crack down on drunk driving. The effort was launched late last year and will continue through this year. It allows agencies to fund things like additional patrols, including overtime when needed.

The grant is being used in part to help with a DUI checkpoint to be set up by the Berlin Police Department on the Friday night of the Fourth of July weekend. Exact times of the checkpoint are not known but it is expected to be located near Middletown Road on the Berlin Townpike. This checkpoint can hopefully prevent some unnecessary tragedies and serve as yet another reminder to people that they should not drive after drinking alcohol.

Connecticut residents who have been involved in accidents caused by drunk drivers deserve compensation. Talking to an attorney may help provide insight into how best to seek this.

Source: New Britain Herald, “Berlin, other towns announce July 4 holiday DUI checkpoints,” June 27, 20

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