Stamford animal shelter involved in dog bite lawsuit

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Friday, March 11, 2016

Dog lovers in Connecticut understand the special bond that they share with their pets. However, they are also be aware that some dogs may be aggressive and even dangerous at times depending upon the circumstances. The breed of the dog can also impact the likelihood that a dog may attack a human. Rottweilers are one breed commonly considered more aggressive than others, like Labrador Retrievers, for example.

An animal shelter in Stamford has experienced some difficulty in recent years due to dogs biting people. The woman who had been managing the shelter was eventually fired and charged with several criminal counts. These included reckless endangerment and misrepresentation of dog aggression history. She is accused of lying about three dogs who she allowed to be adopted. These dogs were all reported to have subsequently been involved in attacks and biting incidents. The outcome of the criminal charges against the former shelter manager is unknown.

Another dog bit a man while the dog was still in the shelter. The man was considering adopting the Rottweiler when it attacked him, leaving his hand severely damaged. Later on, it was discovered that the dog had bitten two other people. The man eventually filed a lawsuit against the city of Stamford. That suit was recently settled and the city has agreed to pay the man almost $300,000 in compensation.

When innocent people are injured by vicious dogs without provocation, help is needed. Compensation may be able to assist with medical expenses, trauma and more. People facing these situations may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in dog bites.


Source: Stamford Advocate, “Dog bite costs Stamford $290K in settlement,” John Nickerson, March 3, 2016

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