Safety Tips for the Workplace and Public Spaces

Personal Injury On Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Connecticut workers across all industries can face injury risks in the workplace, from office trip and fall accidents to crane collapses at a construction site. Taking your safety into your own hands as a worker could protect you from suffering a serious injury on the job in Connecticut. You may not be able to predict a workplace injury, but you can take steps to prevent one.

Recognize the Risks

While some jobs are inherently more dangerous than others, every job comes with certain risks. Learn the risks associated with your industry or job title. Then, find out what you need to do to minimize your risk of injury as much as possible. This may involve special safety training, workplace safety protocols and personal protective equipment. Comply with your employer’s safety rules and guidelines at all times.

Use Your Tools Properly

 The improper use of job-related tools and equipment is behind many worker injuries in Connecticut. Many jobs involve the use of potentially dangerous tools, such as cranes and forklifts at a construction site. Always operate heavy machinery and use the tools of your trade according to the correct standards and safety procedures. Only use a tool for its intended purpose, and only after you have been adequately trained.

Maintain a Safe Work Area

 Do not trust anyone else with your own personal safety. While you are at work or working in a public space, do what you can to make your own work area safe. This means keeping it clear of clutter that could present trip and fall accident risks, as well as being aware of your surroundings and identifying potential hazards that could cause harm. Implement the correct strategies to avoid injury risks and protect others from harm. Cultivating and maintaining a safe workspace can help you prevent a serious accident.

Pay Attention to Ergonomics

 Not all workplace injuries are caused by sudden, traumatic accidents. Each year, many workers in Connecticut receive medical care for injuries caused by repetitive movements or strain, such as using improper posture when sitting, standing or lifting. Pay attention to how your body is moving at work and what you need to stay safe and properly aligned. Make use of tools such as back braces or ergonomic chairs to help prevent the risk of injury.

Stay Alert

Avoid “zoning out” or daydreaming at work. Stay vigilant and remain alert to your surroundings. This can help you spot and avoid a potential injury risk before an accident takes place, such as spills on the floor, missing machine guards, cluttered walkways or a runaway forklift. Do not listen to music, watch videos, talk on a cell phone or multitask in other ways while in a potentially hazardous work environment. Avoid distractions that could lead to injuries.

Report Unsafe Conditions

 If you encounter any property defects or injury risks in your workplace, report them right away. Tell an employer or manager about the issue. If the hazard is not remedied in a timely manner, take the next step by reporting a safety violation to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Your employer legally cannot retaliate against you for reporting an unsafe condition to OSHA.

Get Help if You’ve Been Injured in the Workplace

Even the most cautious and prudent worker in Connecticut may not be able to prevent an injury in the workplace. If you get injured at work, contact the attorneys at Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. for a free case consultation. Our New Haven injury attorneys can help you understand your options for pursuing a financial recovery to help you pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

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