Risk of death after pregnancy

Firm News,Wrongful Death On Monday, January 9, 2017

While Connecticut women are aware that pregnancy may come with health problems, they may not realize that risks sometimes extend past childbirth. A previous blog discussed wrongful death lawsuits in miscarriages. This week’s blog will focus on wrongful death in women who have recently given birth.

Women may sometimes die after childbirth if their doctor does not closely monitor them to ensure that complications have not developed. CNN says that one of these complications is eclampsia. Women with preeclampsia may develop this complication after giving birth, and 80 percent of deaths related to the condition typically occurs after childbirth. The condition may be fatal if it is not caught, as seizures may cause women to incur brain damage.

Doctors can monitor their patients during pregnancy to ensure that women with preeclampsia are safe after giving birth. Urine and blood pressure tests can demonstrate whether or not women are at risk, and doses of magnesium sulfate may help keep the condition from becoming worse. It is recommended that women be aware of symptoms, such as swift weight gain or abdominal pain, so they may see their obstetrician to prevent further complications, especially if a pregnancy is their first. When caught in time, complications such as eclampsia can be usually treated.

Women also need to make sure that doctors monitor them for blood clots. According to Weill Cornell Medicine, it is not common for women to develop blood clots postpartum, but clots may be fatal if they reach a woman’s lungs. Although a blood clot may develop at any time during a pregnancy, it is important for obstetricians to monitor their patients for 12 weeks after they give birth. One doctor has stressed that because women are more likely to develop a clot in the weeks after delivery, obstetricians need to know how to take care of at-risk patients.

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