Not all dog bite victims are human

Firm News On Monday, February 12, 2018

Your pet is a member of your family. You would want to protect your children from being bitten by someone else’s dog, and the same goes for your own dog. At Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., we know that a dog attack against a beloved pet can be just as devastating for families in Connecticut as it would against a human being.

As you know, dog bites can cause significant and possibly fatal injuries for people or pets. How can you protect your pet from being bitten by a dog? The Mercury News suggests that keeping your pet away from potentially dangerous dogs is the most effective solution. As you know, it is not always possible to avoid contact with other dogs when you take yours out for a walk or to the park. It is always advisable to keep your dog on a leash when outdoors, especially if you know he or she might run toward another dog.

If the dog park is a favorite place for you and your pet to enjoy play time, be sure to follow the rules of the park and be knowledgeable about dog body language. If you encounter a dog that looks angry or nervous, keep your pet a safe distance away. The same applies if you see similar signs in your own dog. Keep a sharp eye out during your walks and cross the street if possible when you see another dog in the area. Your dog may be neutral or friendly toward others, but you never know how a strange dog might react upon meeting your pet.

If you or your pet are injured by another dog, the owner may be liable for your medical or veterinary expenses, as our page on dog bites explains.

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