Motorcycles: The attraction and the risk

Firm News On Thursday, April 11, 2019

There is something about motorcycles that can really draw you in. They seem to represent more than just transportation. They go beyond getting from Point A to Point B. When you ride, it’s not just because you wanted an economical way to get somewhere that didn’t burn as much gas as a pickup truck. Sure, there are benefits to using motorcycles, but the real attraction goes deeper than that.

The open road

For many people, it’s the open road. It feels different on a bike. The sights, sounds, and smells are all more impactful without the shell of a car around you. When you get somewhere and stop for coffee, you really feel like you were out exploring the world. When you ride in a car, you don’t feel like you moved through the land in the same way. You didn’t really experience the open road.

This is why people love riding in the summer just for the sake of riding itself. They’ll go out for an afternoon in the forest or the mountains or along the lakeshore. They’re not trying to get anywhere. They just ride around for the day and come home. You’d never do it in your car, and you’d see it as a waste of time. But you’ll do it on a bike.

A group activity or a solitary excursion

You can also cater the type of riding you do to what you personally find enjoyable. For some, it’s going on long trips with a group of other riders. They like the camaraderie. It feels like an exploration. It’s a way to spend time with friends or meet new people. The motorcycle becomes a tool for a more active social life.

For others, the goal is to spend time alone. They don’t want to talk to passengers in a car or listen to the radio or make phone calls on a hands-free device. They want to be alone. Riding a bike by themselves gives them seclusion from the everyday world, which seems more and more connected all the time. It’s a way to get away from it all.

The risk

Of course, this hobby comes with risks, no matter why you love it or how you use your bike. Accidents happen. Other drivers make mistakes. When a car and a motorcycle collide, even with proper safety equipment, it is the motorcycle rider who faces the greatest danger. People lose their lives day in and day out for this hobby that they love.

If you get injured in an accident in Connecticut, or if you lose a loved one, make sure you know what options you have to seek financial compensation for medical bills, funeral costs and more.

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