Mismanagement of labor leaves newborn with brain injury

Brain Injury,Firm News On Friday, July 19, 2013

For a good majority of parents living in New Haven, the birth of their child is a day they will likely never forget. It can bring a rush of emotions that include joy, fear and hope for the future. Many parents say that the day their child was born is a day that changed their lives forever.

One couple’s lives definitely changed when their baby was born in 2006 with what could be described as a profound brain injury. The woman was admitted to the hospital while in labor and was given the drug Pitocin which can work to speed up labor by increasing the contractions of the uterus. Although this may have happened, the drug also acted to lower the baby’s supply of blood and oxygen, resulting in the baby’s brain injury.

The couple filed a medical negligence lawsuit against the hospital where two doctors testified that the administration of Pitocin was not done correctly. The court also found fault with the way the woman’s doctor handled her labor and felt that he failed to perform the necessary C-section in a timely manner. The couple was able to reach a resolution with the hospital and was awarded a $5.25 million settlement.

This settlement will no doubt help the couple, who have two other teenage children, to care for their child, who is now seven-years-old and requires constant care due to his brain injury. They did the right thing by hiring a lawyer and fighting for their right to compensation for their son’s injury.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, “Brain injury during birth costs Ohio State hospital $5.25 million,” Ben Sutherly, June 28, 2013

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