Man and his dog both attacked by off-leash dog

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Saturday, July 21, 2018

Many people in Connecticut have dogs as pets and understand the strong bond that can exist between a dog and its owner and family members. However, that strong bond does not negate the responsibility of a dog owner to not only care for the dog but also to ensure that their dog does not cause damage or problems to any other persons or property. Unfortunately, there seem to be some people who do not take their responsibilities as pet owners quite as seriously as others.

A man in Tennessee and his dog provide some very unfortunate evidence of this reality. As reported by News Channel 5, the man himself is the owner of a German Shepherd dog and one day the pair were near the front entrance of their home. While this is a place that one would believe should be safe from an attack by another dog, it was not on this particular day. A dog who was not on a leash suddenly appeared and went right for the German Shepherd in attack mode.

It took the German Shepherd’s owner and another person who jumped in to provide assistance to get the attacking dog away and stop the damage from going further. No details are known about the type of dog that attacked the German Shepherd but the dog is said to have an owner. It is also not known if that dog has been put down or is in custody.

The German Shepherd remains in medical care and its owner also required medical treatment and will need to receive further treatment including rabies shots.


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