How to Preserve Evidence for a Truck Accident Claim

Truck Accidents On Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A truck accident claim is different than a standard car accident claim in many ways. One is the type of evidence available to support the victim’s claim to financial damages. A truck accident involves unique types of evidence connected to the trucking company and federal safety laws, such as the truck’s black box and electronic logging devices. The strength of your evidence can change the outcome of your injury claim.

Request a Police Report

Always contact the police in Connecticut after a truck accident. These accidents almost always cause serious damage. In Connecticut, it is a requirement to call 911 as soon as possible to report a crash even if it only causes minor property damage. Calling the police can create an official accident report that documents the most important details of your truck accident.

When the responding officer arrives, explain your side of the story before you leave the scene of the accident. The officer will talk to you and others who are present at the scene for statements. the police will also include the basic facts in the accident report, such as the date, time and location of the truck accident. The information found in your police report can help you build a claim to damages against the at-fault party.

Exchange Information

It is important to exchange information with the truck driver before leaving the scene of your accident. This can help you hold the correct driver or trucking company accountable. Write down the truck driver’s name, a description of the vehicle, insurance information, license plate numbers and the truck number. Give the truck driver your information, as well, to fulfill your legal responsibilities as a driver.

Take Photographs and Videos

Before you leave to go to the hospital, take pictures of the scene of the truck accident. Use your smartphone or a camera to capture images and video footage of your damaged car, the commercial truck, the scene of the accident and any relevant road conditions. The police can take official photographs for the record, as well. Later, a lawyer can also help you access any other images that are available, such as footage from a camera located inside the cab of the large truck.

Get Medical Care

Medical documentation is a key part of your truck accident insurance claim. Go to a hospital in Connecticut immediately after your truck accident. Explain that you were in a truck accident and request copies of your medical records. Take photographs of your injuries as they heal and follow your doctor’s treatment plan without deviation.

Gather Documentation

Once you are ready to file your truck accident insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, help your lawyer by obtaining copies of relevant documents and putting them together in one organized file.

Call the police department in the county where the truck accident took place to request a copy of your accident report. Then, contact the hospital for copies of your medical treatments and bills. Include any photos, statements, information and other documents that may be relevant to your case in your file. Then, contact a truck accident lawyer.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Immediately

A trucking company will have a rapid response team to the scene of the accident almost immediately to gather evidence. The best way to even the playing field and preserve evidence yourself is by contacting an attorney as soon as possible after your collision.

An attorney can immediately go to work on preserving and collecting key evidence, such as filing orders of preservation to force the trucking company to keep evidence that could help your case. Your lawyer can also help you obtain evidence such as data from the truck’s black box, eyewitness statements, employment records, truck maintenance reports, company compliance records and the driver’s cellphone records.

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