How slip-and-fall accidents be prevented?

Firm News,Slip-And-Fall Accidents On Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Connecticut workers like you often have to traipse to your job in less-than-ideal conditions. It’s possible that you may be facing slipping risks from ice in winter, or even from wet floors that haven’t been marked properly.

The question then becomes, how can slip-and-fall accidents be prevented in your workplace? The Safety and Health Magazine has a number of guidelines that can be used to make your workplace safer by reducing the chance of someone slipping. This includes quick action, like cleaning up spills immediately, replacing all lightbulbs that burn out quickly, and picking up any clutter that may cause others to trip.

It’s also important for employees to follow safety precautions. Wearing sturdy shoes that are comfortable, fitted well, and have a strong grip on the sole can prevent you from slipping. Additionally, workers should keep any drawers shut when they aren’t being used. This includes filing cabinet drawers, desk drawers, and any other cabinet.

Management can help by ensuring that all cords and cables have been properly covered, especially if they cross in front of any doors. Abrasive mats can be installed outside and inside of any entrance leading outdoors to prevent water from being tracked inside. Additionally, salt can frequently be applied to the parking lot to avoid slips during icy winters.

It isn’t possible to predict and prevent every single slipping accident that may occur. However, following some of these precautions can help you to walk through your workplace safely, significantly lowering your chance of sliding on a slick surface and becoming injured in the following fall.

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