How Long Can I Wait to Hire a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accidents On Monday, September 27, 2021

If you get injured in a motorcycle accident in Connecticut, it is in your best interests to consult with our New Haven motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. It is common, however, for victims to wait weeks or even months after their accidents to talk to attorneys about their rights and legal options. Although personal injury lawyers are always available to talk with you about an accident, it is critical to act quickly. Taking too long can put you at risk of receiving less or no financial compensation for your motorcycle accident claim.

The Sooner the Better – The Clock Is Ticking

Like all states, Connecticut has a law known as a statute of limitations that places a firm time limit on an injured victim’s right to bring a personal injury lawsuit. This time limit is two years from the date of an automobile accident, with some exceptions. You may have less or more time than this to file your specific type of case.

If you miss your deadline, the courts will more likely than not refuse to hear your case, barring you from making a financial recovery. This is why it is important to talk to an attorney right away after a motorcycle accident – while you are still well within your time limit to file a lawsuit under state law.

Waiting Can Hurt Your Case

A personal injury or wrongful death claim for a motorcycle accident is only as strong as the evidence on which it stands. As the injured party, or plaintiff, in the civil suit, it is your responsibility to prove the elements of your case according to the required evidentiary standard. In other words, you or your lawyer must establish evidence that the defendant is more likely than not responsible for your collision.

If you wait too long to speak to an attorney, you put yourself at risk of lost or destroyed evidence. For example, eyewitnesses who saw the motorcycle crash take place may no longer remember key details; their memories may be too fuzzy to make them reliable witnesses to a court of law. You will also lose evidence that may have been at the scene of the crash, such as skid marks or an obscured roadway sign. Prompt legal action can help you collect evidence to support your injury claim before it’s too late.

Contact a Lawyer at the First Sign of a Complication

Many motorcycle accident victims in Connecticut can handle their injury claims on their own, without legal representation. This is especially true of cases that only involve property damage or minor injuries. If you choose to represent yourself during an insurance claim or injury lawsuit, however, be on the lookout for signs that things are getting outside of your control. If you have any of the following complications, it is time to contact an attorney:

  • A liability dispute
  • Multiple defendants
  • Catastrophic or permanent physical injuries
  • The wrongful death of a loved one
  • A low or inadequate settlement offer
  • A wrongfully rejected insurance claim
  • Trouble proving your claim
  • Unfair or bad-faith tactics being used by the insurance company

A motorcycle accident lawyer can review your case during a free initial consultation to let you know if you can benefit from professional legal representation. An attorney will be honest about whether or not you need his or her services, as an attorney’s time is money. A personal injury lawyer will not waste time, energy or resources on a case that is low in value or does not require professional assistance.

Seek Help Now for a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Connecticut

No matter how long ago your motorcycle accident took place, contact a motorcycle accident attorney if you believe that you have grounds for a claim to financial compensation. Most personal injury law firms offer free consultations, so you can speak to an attorney at no cost or obligation. If your claim can benefit from the experience, knowledge and resources of a law firm, the attorney may offer to take your case. Otherwise, the attorney can give you advice about how to handle things on your own. The best way to protect your legal rights after a motorcycle accident in Connecticut is by contacting an attorney without delay.

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