How dogs impact homeowner’s insurance

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Friday, April 8, 2016

Many people in Connecticut have dogs and these animals can become treasured members of families and best friends. However, the reality is that dogs are animals and unpredictable by nature. Some dog breeds are especially known for becoming aggressive in virtually any situation. When people choose to have these types of animals as pets, they assume a new level of liability when it comes to homeowners insurance.

Nerd Wallet reports that according to the Insurance Information Institute, claims associated with dog attacks accounted for approximately 33 percent of all homeowner’s insurance liability claims in 2013. The total amount paid out that year was over $480 million. With an average cost of more than $27,000 per claim, dog bites are costing insurance companies a lot of money.

Dog owners should be prepared for the costs borne by insurance companies to be passed on to them. Hopefully, homeowners are honest and tell their insurance companies about the dogs they have. This may result in higher prices for insurance. It may even result in the inability to get insurance with some companies.

Estimates indicate that there 4.5 million people are attacked by man’s best friend every year in the U.S. with many of those victims requiring medical attention. Homeowners are urged to be responsible and carry proper insurance if they choose to have a dog that is known to be potentially dangerous. If you want to learn more about how Connecticut handles dog bites and injuries, please visit the animal attack and pet owner responsibility page of our website.

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