How does poor lighting affect your safety?

Firm News,Slip-And-Fall Accidents On Friday, August 24, 2018

Businesses in Connecticut have a responsibility toward you, the customer, to make their property as safe as possible. This means providing adequate lighting so that you don’t trip, slip, or fall on any surfaces leading into the building in question.

FindLaw contributes inadequate lighting as a big factor in accidents related to slipping, tripping or falling. Inadequate lighting simply refers to any area in which you wouldn’t be able to see clearly in order to dodge or maneuver your way around certain dangers. This can include stairs, slopes, and curbs. It can also include defects in the pavement like cracks, holes, or uneven foundation.

Inadequate lighting itself doesn’t necessarily refer to a complete lack of light sources, either. It just means that there isn’t enough light available for you to see properly. This can mean that the lighting isn’t bright enough, such as when the bulbs are a low wattage or they are colored for mood lighting. Lights placed in poor positions can also diminish visibility. Maintenance can play a role as well. Even if the lights are properly positioned and plentiful, they won’t be able to illuminate an area properly if bulbs are burnt out or damaged.

If you have experienced a fall due to poor lighting and suffered an injury because of it, consider contacting an experienced attorney. They will be able to help you fight for compensation, and hold the business accountable for the harm that they have caused you. It will also help prevent others from suffering from the same fate in the future.

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