How can you protect yourself from night driving dangers?

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Friday, September 14, 2018

Even knowing the dangers of driving at night, some Connecticut drivers still need to tackle the roads during these hours anyway. Knowing how to combat some of the dangers you face is going to be one of your best potential defenses.

According to Popular Mechanics, there are several things you can do to make your night drive a safer one. Most revolve around improving your ability to see, and improving your ability to react to sudden obstacles that appear. For example, you should always try to wear antireflective prescription glasses if you need vision correction. Contact lenses will also allow more light to enter your eye, improving your sight.

You should wipe down your windows and mirrors periodically, along with your windshield wipers. This will keep your glass from streaking. Though it may not seem like an issue during the day, those streaks and smudges will show up clearly after dark.

Take care of your headlights, too. Make sure they are facing the correct angle. Wipe them down with paper towels to keep them from getting smudged and creating light halos. Avoid driving with your high beams on in areas where there are other lights, like traffic or street lamps. Likewise, don’t look into the headlights of oncoming cars, since you risk temporarily diminishing your vision.

In terms of spotting danger, train your eyes to know what to look for in dim lighting. This can include the glow of animal eyes, shapes darting into the road on the horizon, oncoming dim headlights, and more. By improving your ability to react to these things, you also improve your chances of avoiding a crash.

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