How can people drive safely during the school year?

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Tuesday, August 22, 2017

When the school year starts, you may encounter more pedestrians and bikers, as well as school buses. It is important for you to be aware of this extra traffic so you can drive safely on Connecticut’s roads.

When you drive in the morning and afternoon, you typically need to look out for school buses. The National Safety Council says that you should usually have a large following distance when you drive behind a bus. This is because children experience the most danger when they are within 10 feet of a school bus. Children do not always pay attention to possible dangers and may move in ways you are not expecting. Giving school buses a little extra room can ensure that both you and the children are safe on the road. Additionally, passing a stopped school bus is illegal in Connecticut.

Some children walk to school, and you need to be aware of them at crosswalks. If you see that a car has stopped to let young pedestrians cross the street, you should make sure you do not pass the car. Additionally, you usually need to leave the crosswalk open when you stop for a red light. You should also look for children as you drive through neighborhoods and school zones.

The start of the school year puts more young bicyclists on the road as well. As you drive, it is recommended that you let these bikers pass before you turn right or left. Using your turn signals can help children understand your intentions, and it is important to be aware that some young bikers may not signal when they want to turn. You may encounter more bicyclists in neighborhoods and school zones, so it is important to use extra caution when driving in these areas.

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