How can cyclists increase road safety?

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Cyclists can help increase the overall safety of the road by following the rules, remaining vigilant and increasing their visibility.

Everyone who uses the roadways in Connecticut plays a part in road safety. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration states that there were 783 bicycle riders who died in traffic incidents across the country over the course of a single year. While vehicle operators may have the biggest role, pedestrians and cyclists can take certain precautions to make themselves and everyone else a little safer.

Follow the rules

Like other road users, cyclists are expected to follow the rules of the road. When a bike rider obeys stop signs, for example, the surrounding auto drivers and pedestrians have a better chance of knowing what the bicyclist will be doing next. Before riding in an urban area, it is important for a cyclist to become familiar with the local laws, understand how to use hand signals and be confident on his or her bike to make it possible to get to the final destination without unexpected incidents.

Remain vigilant

While people driving cars and trucks should do their best to watch out for cyclists, a bicyclist should never take their visibility for granted. In other words, bikers can increase their safety by staying focused on the road and using defensive maneuvers, including the following:

  • Watching the road for obstacles
  • Anticipating the actions of vehicle operators
  • Planning a route ahead of time

The more aware a cyclist is the better chances he or she has of avoiding potential accidents. When a bike rider allows him or herself to be distracted, there is a greater risk of a crash taking place.

Increase visibility

Before heading out for a ride or a walk, pedestrians and cyclists need to make sure they will be visible to vehicles. This could mean wearing a bright-colored vest, using headlights or avoiding going out during peak traffic times. Even when using lights to increase visibility, it may be a good idea to avoid riding during dark or twilight times because drivers may have a harder time noticing bicyclists, which can increase the risk of being involved in a crash. If a person has to go for a ride during the dark, he or she should have somebody else make sure that the lights make him or her adequately visible.

Connecticut bike riders need to know what they can do to increase their safety as well as the safety of other pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers. Regardless of who was at fault during a car crash involving a bike rider or pedestrian, it may be beneficial for anyone involved to work with an attorney who is familiar with this type of personal injury case.

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