How a bar should handle drunk patrons

Firm News,Social Host Liability On Friday, March 30, 2018

When people work at bars in Connecticut, they may wonder how they can keep their patrons from drinking too much. Because bars are subject to dram shop laws, it is important for bartenders to ensure patrons do not become drunk and then harm another person.

Before a bartender cuts off a patron, he or she needs to recognize that this person has had too much to drink. According to Tales of the Cocktail, bartenders should usually look for decreased motor skills and bloodshot eyes. Some people may also become aggressive or negative or begin flirting with other customers. Additionally, people might have slurred speech or begin to swear. It is important for bartenders to recognize these signs because it is dangerous for someone to drive home if he or she is inebriated.

Some bartenders may worry that once they refuse to serve someone a drink, the person will ask a friend to buy one for him or her. Crafty Bartending says that in this situation, people should usually ask who the drink is for and explain that someone has been cut off. Sometimes customers may become confrontational when they learn they cannot have another drink. If this happens, bartenders may want to speak to the bar’s security.

When a bartender needs to cut someone off, he or she may try several strategies. Some people may prefer to explain that they are legally not allowed to continue serving alcohol. If a patron grows angry, it is a good idea to explain the manager wants this patron to be cut off. This can sometimes keep customers from confronting the bartender. In other situations, people may want to tell a customer that he or she cannot have another drink as they are serving one. Others may want to begin serving drinks without alcohol.


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