Halloween road safety

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Friday, October 6, 2017

As Halloween draws closer, many Connecticut residents pay more attention to costumes and trick-or-treating routes than to road safety. However, Halloween provides more opportunities for drivers to be involved in a collision, and it is important for people to know how they can drive safely.

Because of the number of children out trick-or-treating, drivers are more likely to accidentally hit a pedestrian, especially while driving through neighborhoods. The National Safety Council says that October experiences the second-highest rates of motor vehicle deaths. This is because drivers may not always see pedestrians in the dark, particularly if children are wearing dark costumes. Additionally, children may dart in front of cars or cross in the middle of the street instead of at intersections.

It is important for drivers to take extra safety precautions so they do not strike a pedestrian. It is recommended that drivers look for children in costumes. This is especially important because many trick-or-treaters will usually be out around twilight and later, when it is more difficult to see them. Additionally, drivers should use caution as they pull in and out of driveways. They should also keep an eye out for children who may be on curbs or in medians.

People are also more likely to encounter a drunk driver on Halloween. Forbes says that people should call law enforcement if they pass a drunk driver on the road. They also should ensure they can get home safely from Halloween parties. People may want to choose one person to be a designated driver or call a taxi. Additionally, people should call a taxi for a friend who is inebriated but plans to drive home.

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