Drunk driving and seatbelts targeted for holiday weekend

Drunk Driving Accidents,Firm News On Friday, June 3, 2016

Like their counterparts throughout the country, most residents in Connecticut are looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend. An extra day off of work or school and the impending unofficial start to summer make this among the year’s favorite holidays. Sadly, this holiday is one that can often be marred by the actions of negligent persons, like those who choose to drink and drive.

The Connecticut State Police this year are joining forces with other law enforcement agencies around the country in what is called the National Combined Accident Reduction Effort. C.A.R.E. focused officers’ attention on people who do not utilize seat belts as well as drunk drivers. With more than 1,400 seat belt citations issued and 57 drunk driving arrests over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in 2015, drivers should know that the state police will be watching for these things again this year.

Sobriety checkpoints will be held at different locations throughout the weekend. These include a spot along Route 83 in Ellington on Friday of the holiday weekend. Two other locations will be set upon the Saturday. These will be in Enfield along Interstate 95 and at a different site in Thomaston. Officers with lasers will also monitor for speeding drivers. Both unmarked and marked police cars will be utilized in the efforts to keep Connecticut residents safe over the holiday.

Anyone who is injured by a drunk driver or other negligent driver may wish to get legal help. Talking to an attorney can educate victims about their options for seeking compensation.

Source: Wilton Bulletin, “State police to employ ‘all methods of enforcement’ this weekend,” May 25, 2016

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