Drunk driver turns self in

Drunk Driving Accidents,Firm News On Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Connecticut residents should always be on the lookout for drunk drivers. Now that the time change has occurred and more driving hours are in the dark and holidays are approaching, the risk of being hit by a drunk driver can seem even greater than before. In some instances, drunk drivers are able to be stopped by law enforcement before they cause any type of injury or death to others but that cannot always be counted on.

One recent drunk driving arrest case is an example of that potential outcome in which no innocent victims were involved. However, it nonetheless showcases how prevalent drunk drivers are on Connecticut roads. In early October, a man crashed his pickup truck into a tree along an area of Easton Road. While tending to the driver, emergency responders suspected that the man was intoxicated. Hospital toxicology reports later showed that his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legally allowed amount.

Due to the reports at the hospital, a warrant was issued for the driver’s arrest. Several weeks later, he voluntarily turned himself in for driving while under the influence. He is currently free after posting a bond but will be returning to court soon.

It would have been all too easy for another vehicle or even a pedestrian to be in the path of this man while he was driving drunk. Anyone in Connecticut who is hit by an intoxicated driver deserves help and could consider working with an attorney to ensure that they receive their due compensation.

Source: WestportNow.com, “Accident, Drunk Driving Arrest,” October 26, 2015


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