Drunk driver faces manslaughter for death of best friend

Drunk Driving Accidents,Firm News On Thursday, August 4, 2016

Despite ongoing public awareness campaigns by local municipalities, advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and more, drunk driving accidents continue to be a problem in Connecticut. Too many people refuse to get the message that driving a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol is simply not safe. The accidents that result from this poor decision include many types of people from all walks of life. Professionals, politicians, entertainers and more. Sometimes, the people who drink and drive fall into somewhat stereotypical categories.

Such is the case for a young man who was driving his vehicle last autumn with four of his friends in the car with him. The guys had all been out partying together at multiple locations when the car crash occurred. Few details of the accident are actually known as the driver reportedly told officers that he lost consciousness. All of the passengers were taken to a hospital where one of them died. No information was given about any injuries that may have been sustained by the other passengers.

The driver’s blood alcohol level was more than 0.20 percent and he admitted having drinks before driving. Officers also found an empty alcohol container in the vehicle. Recently, the 21-year-old driver has been charged with multiple counts of second degree assault as well as one count of second degree manslaughter. He is currently in custody.

Family members who lose relatives in tragic and senseless crashes like the one described above may want to talk with an attorney. A consultation may offer insights into what forms of compensation may be available to them.

Source: CT Post, “Trumbull man charged in DUI crash that killed friend,” Daniel Tepfer, August 1, 2016

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