Driver strikes father and son on sidewalk

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Saturday, October 6, 2018

People in Connecticut should be able to walk along a sidewalk without fear of getting hit by a car or other vehicle. Assumptions like this, however, rely on drivers to operate their vehicles safely and responsibly and with the care of others in mind. Unfortunately, there are too many people who fail to consider the safety of others and even of themselves when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. 

One example of this can be seen in an accident that took place recently in Thomaston. According to NBC Connecticut, a man and his son, who is a minor, were walking on a sidewalk near a gas station when they were suddenly hit by a sports-style passenger car. The driver of the vehicle did not apparently stop upon hitting the two pedestrians as reports indicate it only stopped after hitting a sign at the gas station. 

The incident apparently began when the woman driving the vehicle tried to make her tires heat up and smoke by doing a burnout, also referred to as a peel out or a power brake. She was not fully successful as she lost control of her vehicle which proceeded to go across some lanes of traffic before going onto the sidewalk where the pedestrians were hit. The woman had just attended a car show.

Details of the conditions of the father and son are not known. There were also no reports that the incident involved any other vehicles or people. An investigation has been initiated into the matter.



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