Dog bite liability statutes

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Friday, February 17, 2017

Recovering from injuries can be a long process but sometimes recovering from a dog bite brings unintended side effects. If you are bitten by a dog in Connecticut, you may be tempted to brush off the event if the injury was not serious. However, at Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand that bites are not the only injuries which dogs can inflict.

While you may not initially think about pressing charges, dog owners can be held liable for just about any injury their dog inflicts. According to the Connecticut General Assembly, this usually does not include injuries sustained if you were teasing the dog or trespassing in a manner which made the dog feel threatened. However, you are generally not responsible for proving that an owner was negligent or knew a dog was aggressive.

While you may consider only dog bites to be serious wounds, dog attacks can result in other injuries which have the potential to be long-lasting. You may sometimes have permanent scarring and need to take time off from work to recover. An injury from a dog can also result in fear of the animal and psychological distress. These wounds may linger even after the physical sign of a dog bite has faded.

Because injuries can come in different forms, it is important to understand how to deal with them. If you are unsure of how to progress, sometimes it can be helpful to look into different forms of compensation so you are aware of your options. More information about this topic can be found on our website.

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