Dealing with drunk wedding guests

Firm News,Social Host Liability On Thursday, July 5, 2018

When couples begin to plan their Connecticut wedding, they may worry about how they will handle intoxicated guests. No one wants to hear that a guest was involved in a car accident because he or she drank too much, so it is important to think about alcohol during the planning process.

One thing couples can do to be responsible hosts is control how their guests access alcohol. The Huffington Post says that some people may want to set up the bar to limit the amount of alcohol their guests drink. This may mean using a cash bar so people are responsible for buying their own drinks or only providing champagne and a signature cocktail. People may also have a consumption bar during their reception. In this situation, a couple typically pays for a certain amount of alcohol, such as two drinks per guest. Once guests have had their free drinks, they usually need to pay if they want more.

Sometimes guests might become intoxicated in spite of a couple’s attempts to keep people sober. According to The Knot, it is a good idea to pick a family member who can help with drunk guests. This person can help monitor people to make sure they stay on their best behavior. If couples knows that a certain guest will likely have too much to drink, they may want to assign someone to this person. In some situations, some people may want to consider having security specifically to deal with a drunk guest.

Additionally, people should usually speak to the staff of their venue. Bartenders typically cut people off if they have too much to drink and some couples may want to speak to the bartender about certain guests. The venue coordinator can also make sure the staff knows how to quietly deal with an intoxicated guest.

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