Criminal charges filed in drunk driving accident

Firm News,Motor Vehicle Accidents On Saturday, April 7, 2018

People in Connecticut who continue to hear reports about negligent drunk drivers can understandably become frustrated with the ongoing nature of this behavior. It is no secret that driving after consuming alcohol is dangerous and yet there seems to be little success in stopping people from making this dangerous choice. As long as drivers operate vehicles while they are drunk, innocent people keep getting hurt or even dying.

One thing that may help residents to know is that some of these drunk drivers do end up facing serious consequences. Sometimes these consequences may involve civil lawsuits that result in financial awards for those hurt in the accidents that are caused by these reckless individuals. In other cases, these consequences may come in the form of criminal charges. Some people may experience both.

A crash in the wee hours of Christmas Eve last year left a 19-year-old woman with broken and fractured bones to the point where she required surgery. Two different witnesses are said to have been at the scene to notice another driver hit the young woman head-on. The at-fault driver’s blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. Today he is facing multiple criminal charges including second degree assault and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. It is not known if civil action has been initated in the case.

Certainly nothing can take away the pain involved with a drunk driving accident but it may be helpful for those affected to speak with an attorney in Connecticut to learn how to protect themselves.

Source: CT Post, “Bridgeport cop charged with assault, DUI in wrong-way crash,” Daniel Tepfer, Mardh 27, 2018

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