Connecticut woman killed in high-speed police car chase

Firm News On Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Most Connecticut residents rely on police officers to protect them from harm and keep the streets safe. Unfortunately, the authorities sometimes go too far in their enforcement of the law, and some people may be seriously injured or even killed in fatal accidents.

When a 34-year-old Connecticut woman drove into a barrier on the White House lawn, law enforcement reacted immediately. The police officers aggressively pursued her in their vehicles, and she was eventually killed by a fatal gunshot wound. During the high-speed chase, the officers shot the woman several times, and two of the officers were injured. It is not clear how the two officers were injured. Fortunately, the woman’s 1-year-old child, who was also in the car during the chase, was not harmed.

The loss of a loved one is devastating for the victim’s family members, who are often left with the responsibility of paying for medical care and funeral expenses. Thankfully, people may be able to receive compensation to cover these expenses through a wrongful death lawsuit. The family members of victims may want to talk to an attorney as soon as possible. 

Source: WTAQ, “Connecticut woman in D.C. car chase shot in back by officers: attorney,” April 8, 2014

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