Connecticut woman injured by pit bull

Firm News On Thursday, July 6, 2017

When Connecticut residents think about dog attacks, the injuries inflicted on young children are likely the first which come to mind. However, attacks on elderly people can be just as devastating. A recent New Haven attack has demonstrated the severe impact which dog bites can have.

On July 4, a New Haven woman was taken to the hospital after being attacked by her tenant’s pit bull. She was meeting the dog for the first time when the attack occurred. A police officer has stated it is unknown whether or not this is the dog’s first attack. The department is gathering more information about the dog and keeping it in quarantine until the proper solution can be determined.

After arriving at the hospital, the woman underwent surgery to treat her wounds. She incurred injuries to her neck, face and the back of her head, as well as defensive wounds to her arms, and suffered blood loss. The New Haven Fire Chief has said that the woman is also considering plastic surgery. She is 78 years old. The woman’s neighbors are credited with helping to stop the attack. They hit the dog with a board and secured it inside a cage once it had passed out. Additionally, they were able to provide first aid until paramedics arrived. The police have said that the tenant will likely not be held liable, as it does not appear that criminal behavior was a factor in the attack.

The effects of a dog bite can be long-lasting for people of all ages. After undergoing a severe dog attack, people may want to contact a lawyer if they suspect the attack could have been prevented.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “78-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Pit Bull in New Haven,” July 5, 2017

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