Connecticut man ordered his dog to attack elderly residents

Firm News On Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A dog bite or attack that makes the news is usually an accidental one – an incident that was unanticipated by both the animal’s owner and the victim. However, some people are so irresponsible with their dogs that they encourage them to be aggressive and even train them to hurt other people or animals. Connecticut residents who use their dogs as weapons can suffer serious legal consequences, including criminal charges.

WFSB News reported on a harrowing event that occurred earlier this month in Middletown. Authorities said a 27-year-old man wielding a knife and a lit blowtorch allegedly threatened to kill three residents in their home and said he would burn their house down. He then ordered his German Shepherd to attack the residents, two of whom were elderly people in their nineties. One person suffered a dog bite on the arm. The victims were reportedly unable to call for help, since their attacker had locked away their phone.

Law enforcement did not know whether the man knew the victims or why there was an altercation. The man was charged with numerous offenses, including first degree threatening, second degree assault and interfering with an emergency call.

Depending on the outcome of the case, it is possible the man will be held responsible for the medical expenses related to the victim’s dog bite, as well as jail time and criminal fines. An incident like this is terrifying, but victims should know that they have legal recourse if they are injured in a dog attack – whether intentional or accidental.

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