Connecticut car crash kills 3-year-old girl, injures her brother

Firm News On Friday, October 4, 2013

Even if you do everything right, signal, wear your safety belt, use caution and keep an eye on the other vehicles around you, car accidents can and do happen. Whether due to a drunk driver, distracted driver or just a series of unfortunate events, auto accidents can result in serious injuries or even death for drivers and their passengers.

A recent car accident in Oxford, just north of New Haven, has left a woman and an infant injured, and a three-year-old girl dead. According to reports, the mother of the young girl and her nine-month-old brother was driving northbound on Quaker Farms Road when their vehicle was struck head-on by a southbound travelling truck that veered into the northward lanes. It remains unknown to the public what caused the man to cross the centerlines. The woman who was injured was a passenger in the truck.

The little girl who was killed reportedly suffered a severe neck injury. She was hospitalized but ultimately succumbed to her injury. No details were released regarding her brother, or the woman’s, injuries or conditions. The mother of the young girl and infant was also taken to the hospital, but it was not reported whether or not she sustained any injuries.

As a result of the emergency care she received and her hospital stay, including an air-evacuation to the Hartford Children’s Medical Center, the young girl’s family has likely incurred significant medical bills. Although no criminal charges have been filed against the man who appears to have caused the accident, her family could choose to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation for the medical expenses and other damages resulting from the auto accident.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Little girl dies from crash injuries”, Frank Juliano, Sep. 16, 2013

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