Connecticut car accident results in death of 6-year-old girl

Firm News,Wrongful Death On Thursday, August 27, 2015

As Connecticut residents enjoy the remaining days of summer, many preparations are no doubt underway for the upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend. Last-minute getaways, camping trips, backyard BBQs and more bring people together to celebrate the transition from late summer to early fall. Along with these enjoyable times can come an increased danger of a car accident. Many a fatal accident happens over a holiday weekend like Labor Day as well as the weeks leading up to it.

Such was sadly the case in a recent fatal car crash on State Route 8 near Exit number 12 that involved three vehicles—a car followed by a pickup truck and then an SUV. The accident happened after both the car in the first position and the pickup in the second position reduced speed to adjust to traffic flow changes. The SUV rear-ended the pickup truck, sending the truck’s driver to Griffin Hospital for treatment. It is unclear what, if any damages, the car or its driver may have sustained.

After hitting the pickup, the SUV rolled over and down an embankment. A six-year-old girl was thrown from the vehicle. She died from her injuries. Reports indicate that the girl may have been the driver’s daughter, but this has not been confirmed. The driver and other passengers were taken to Bridgeport hospital. Details about their conditions are unknown. The accident remains under investigation.

When tragic accidents like this happen, victims deserve help. Because of the complexities that can be involved, working with an attorney may prove helpful at these times.

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