Concussions from the swimming pool

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As the weather gets nicer, you may plan to host pool parties at your Connecticut home. It is important to remember, though, that people can easily get injuries such as concussions around swimming pools. We at Loughlin Fitzgerald, P.C., are committed to helping you understand what you should do in this situation.

You may associate concussions with contact sports but your guests might easily sustain this injury in your swimming pool. Swimming World magazine says that people might get a concussion if they collide with other swimmers or hit their heads as they dive into the pool. Swimmers can also incur concussions if they slip and fall on the walkways around a pool. Additionally, people might sustain this injury if they collide with one of the walls while doing laps.

Sometimes people may feel fine after they hit their head. However, it is important for you to monitor your guest so you know if he or she has a concussion. If your guest has this head injury, he or she may feel confused or have a headache. He or she might also behave differently and feel nauseated. If a guest starts displaying these symptoms after hitting his or her head in the pool, it is a good idea to get medical care for this person. You may want to make sure guests do not keep swimming after sustaining a blow to the head.

Because the walkways around swimming pools can easily become slippery, it is important for you to make sure your guests use caution when they walk around the pool or try to get in or out. Preventative measures may help ensure people do not sustain concussions in your pool. You can find more information about this subject on our webpage.

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