Collision involving disabled vehicle in Wallingford injures 5

Firm News On Thursday, February 19, 2015

Occasionally, drivers may have issues with their vehicles while traveling on the roads of New Haven. Whether due to a flat tire, mechanical problem or any other number of reasons, motorists who experience situations such as this must often pull over to assess the issue. Even if they have found a seemingly safe place to do so, this can be dangerous for them, their passengers and other drivers.

According to reports, a serious auto accident that occurred recently in Wallingford, north of New Haven, involved a vehicle that had become disabled. The vehicle was reportedly stopped in the center lane on I-91 North when it was struck by another car. It was not detailed whether the disabled vehicle had its hazard lights on at the time of the crash. Law enforcement is continuing the investigation to determine the exact cause of the car collision.

The passenger in the disabled vehicle reportedly suffered what appeared to be serious injuries in the collision. There were no details reported regarding the 30-year-old’s specific injuries, however, he was taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver, as well as three passengers in the vehicle that struck the disabled car also sustained injuries in the wreck and were taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The man driving the disabled vehicle was uninjured.

Auto accidents can often result in serious injury for those who are involved. This may lead to undue medical expenses and other damages. Therefore, people who have experienced situations such as this may find it helpful to seek legal counsel and representation. An attorney may help them to understand their rights, as well as their options for pursuing financial compensation.

Source: Previously published article from, “Accident on I-91 in Wallingford sends 5 to hospital,” Matt Buynak and Elizabeth Hess, Feb. 14, 2015

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