City may be held responsible for dog attack

Firm News On Sunday, February 16, 2014

The majority of New Haven dog owners take excellent care of their pets. The dogs, in turn, respect their owners and other people, and it is rare for them to harm a person. However, when dogs do not have an owner they can trust, they sometimes become hostile. In some cases, these neglected dogs may cause people to suffer from dog bite injuries.

For about a week, several residents of a Chicago neighborhood noticed two dangerous-looking dogs and made several calls to the city’s animal services department. Unfortunately, the city failed to handle the matter quickly, and a woman and her dog were attacked. One or both of the dogs bit the woman; her dog, which was walking with her on a leash, was seriously injured and needed close to 100 stitches. It is likely that both the dog and its owner will also suffer emotional pain as a result of the attack.

Thankfully, animal control personnel were able to apprehend the two dogs, which allegedly looked somewhat like pit bulls. However, the dogs’ breeds are unknown.

Because the two stray dogs have no verifiable owner who can be held responsible for the incident, it is possible that the victim will receive compensation from the city for its failure to keep these stray dogs under control. The woman may need this compensation to cover the cost of her medical bills as well as the dog’s veterinary bills.

Victims of an animal attack may want to seek the help of an attorney as soon as possible. That way, negligent pet owners may be held responsible for the suffering that they caused.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Stray dogs attack woman and her dog,” Juan Perez Jr., Jan. 21, 2014

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