Car collides with truck in Connecticut, sending 1 to hospital

Firm News On Monday, August 5, 2013

Now more than ever before there seems to be more distractions for drivers. Cell phones are certainly a big culprit, but so too are radios, billboard signs and the like. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see drivers in New Haven trying to drive while doing other activities like eating, smoking, even putting on makeup. This kind of reckless abandon can not only put distracted drivers in danger, but everyone else with whom they share the road.

It is not known if distracted driving caused a recent car accident in Connecticut, but it seems likely. The collision resulted in injuries to a 51-year-old passenger who was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The passenger was riding in a truck when another car slammed into the side of it and became lodged underneath the truck’s trailer. 

The two vehicles were both headed south on Interstate 395; the truck was in the right lane and the car was in the left. The car’s driver, a 41-year-old Connecticut woman, began drifting over the rumble strip when she lost control. Perhaps she attempted to swerve back into her lane and turned the wheel too much because she traveled into the right lane and crashed into the truck. The southbound lanes of the interstate were closed while the crash was cleaned up.

The woman, along with the 48-year-old truck driver did not want medical treatment following the crash.  

The passenger who was injured in this accident may wish to speak with an attorney about her right to compensation for her medical bills and pain and suffering. 

Source: Norwich Bulletin, “Truck accident closes Interstate 395 on Monday night,” July 30, 2013

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