Brain injury results in two-car accident

Car Accidents,Firm News On Monday, January 25, 2016

Drivers in Connecticut should be aware that when a motor vehicle accident happens, they may be required to file an accident report. This information can be useful for government agencies and others when compiling traffic and accident statistics. It can also be used by insurance companies in identifying fault and determining any payouts to be made to involved parties.

A recent crash along Route 32 in Connecticut has left several unanswered questions it seems. While an accident report does appear to have been filed according to sources, little details are known. What is known is that a state politician was apparently driving his vehicle in the wrong direction and hit another car. The senator’s vehicle ended up in a ditch and when officers found him, he was only partially conscious, having suffered a concussion.

There was no information provided about the condition of the other driver or the other vehicle except that officers indicated that no charges would be filed against her. This case gets even more interesting when the fact that the senator had endured a prior brain injury just about a year and a half ago. Since that time, his speech has been impaired. An investigation is underway and may be seeking to determine if the previous brain injury impacted the more recent crash.

Situations like this illustrate how an accident case can become quite complex. Even if a victim is not severely injured, it can be helpful to talk with an attorney to understand how to stay protected and obtain appropriate compensation.

Source:, “Questions Remain After Sen. Andrew Maynard’s Car Crash,” David Moran and Daniela Altimari, January 20, 2016

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