Are pit bulls the most aggressive breed?

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Friday, October 28, 2016

You may be concerned about the risks posed by pit bulls in Connecticut. According to, part of their reputation comes from their bite, and this has caused some people to view them as the most aggressive breed of dogs.

Of all dog breeds, pit bulls hold the record for biting the most people. Part of this is because of the way a bite is defined. When a dog’s teeth break your skin, you have been bitten. This definition holds true whether you need many stitches and experience extreme injuries or only need a few stitches. Pit bulls have gained a reputation for being aggressive in part because of the damage their bite can inflict. One attorney has used shark bites to characterize those given by these dogs, and notes that many dog breeds do not cause injuries so severe.

This severity comes from the intensity of a pit bull’s attack. These dogs have a unique way of biting; muscles and bones may be damaged when the dog grabs hold of you and then shakes you. The dog’s jaw strength also contributes to the damage, as pit bulls have the potential to reach deep muscles. Force is sometimes required to halt an attack since the breed has a reputation for not letting go of whatever it is biting onto.

Your chances of being attacked by a pit bull are only as great as the number of these dogs in your community. Caution is still taken where this breed is concerned, however, even if only a few reside near you. Break sticks are recommended by many websites so that if a pit bull bites you without provocation, the owner can release the dog’s jaws.

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