Are icy roads the only slip and fall risk?

Firm News,Slip-And-Fall Accidents On Friday, June 7, 2019

Connecticut residents like you often have to deal with slippery footing in the winter due to the ice and snow. However, just because it is almost summer doesn’t mean there are no slipping or tripping hazards out there. Today we will discuss some of summer’s most dangerous slip and trip hazards.

One of the most risky places is the pool. Many people go there to cool off during the hottest days of summer. However, FindLaw states that there are many different swimming pool injuries you can accrue both outside and inside the water. In regard to slips and trips, the worst place by far is the deck. This surface is always slick and wet, and even if you move carefully, you could slip. Some pools don’t have proper warnings or lifeguards on duty either, making it even more of a risk.

Water on sidewalks or pavement can also cause slipping issues. This may come from people washing and waxing their cars, as the residue often spills into the sidewalk or road. It may even come from a neighbor’s sprinklers. Heat damage can also affect the evenness of paved surfaces, especially asphalt. This can lead to lumps, bumps, cracks and holes forming in roads and parking lots, which creates tripping hazards. Even sidewalks can form cracks or unevenness from heat damage.

Have you slipped or tripped in the summer weather and are now injured because of it? Consider seeking out an experienced New Haven slip & fall attorney who can help you represent yourself and get the compensation that you deserve.

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