Are dog bites occurring more often?

Firm News On Friday, April 28, 2017

Although you may not consider dog bites to be a common occurrence, the number of incidents which occur each year is actually increasing. While many people might think that dogs chasing mailmen is a stereotype, it is postal workers who are most affected by these rising attacks.

One of the factors behind increasing numbers of dog bites is shopping habits. According to the Connecticut Post, online shopping has placed postal workers in contact with dogs more often as they deliver packages seven days a week. This increased exposure raises the chance that someone will have a hostile encounter with a dog. In 2016, 6,755 postal workers were bitten by dogs. Insurance claims suggest, though, that the severity of attacks may be decreasing even as more people are harmed.

While you may think that only breeds with a reputation for aggression would bite someone, one postal service spokesman says that small dogs can be just as likely as pit bulls to bite a mailman. However, there are ways you can ensure your dog and the mailman remain on friendly terms. The safety director of the USPS says that you should put your dog in another room so the dog does not feel threatened by the postal worker.

The postal service has taken steps to keep mailmen safe on the job. The next time a package comes to your home, you may need to let postal workers know that you have a dog. If your dog usually does not get along with the mailman, you may need to pick packages up at the post office to prevent a hostile encounter.

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