Are dog bites more dangerous for children?

Dog Bites & Injuries,Firm News On Friday, August 16, 2019

Victims of dog bite attacks in Connecticut can face extensive damage that results in both short-term and long-term injuries. But are some groups more susceptible to severe injury than others? Today, we at Loughlin Fitzgerald, PC, will examine one demographic that is particularly at risk: children.

Younger people are generally at risk for more serious injury when it comes to dog bite attacks. This is for many reasons, but usually involves their relative size compared to the dog. It is easier for a dog to knock a child down, which unfortunately exposes the individual’s head and neck. These are the most dangerous areas to be attacked, and the most harmful bites involve the face and neck.

The small stature of a child makes it harder for them to intimidate a dog before an attack. Additionally, children often have less physical power than teens or adults. Because of this, they are also less likely to be able to fight off the dog through physical strength alone.

Finally, a child’s immune system is not as strong as that of an adult. This means that infections can take root more easily or be harder for them to fight off. This can be particularly dangerous given the types of bacteria that can be found in a dog’s mouth.

Regardless of your age or the extent of your injury, you may wish to seek compensation for any New Haven dog bite injury you have suffered. You can take a look at our web page on said injuries here, or speak to an experienced attorney to learn more about your options.

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