Accident risks associated with debris on roads

Car Accidents,Firm News On Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer vacation time often means road trips. For many Connecticut residents, this may also mean packed vehicles that require putting extra items on rooftops or towing gear in trailers. While this can be an effective means of transporting things, it may also increase the risk of accidents according to AAA.

Between 2011 and 2014, the automobile agency suggests from recent research that as many as 500 vehicular fatalities were caused by debris in the roadway. Almost 40,000 injuries and 200,000 crashes are believed to have resulted from the same thing. Especially when traveling on freeways like Interstates 91, 95 and 84, the opportunity for items to become loose increases due to the speeds involved.

Of the deaths identified in the AAA study, more than one third happened because a driver attempted to avoid hitting a particular item that was in the intended path of travel. These correctional efforts may prevent one accident from happening but end up involving another. In addition to stowed cargo, even parts of vehicles themselves are noted to be hazards on the road. Of particular note in the study are wheels or tires. Even towed trailers can become unattached from the towing vehicle and cause a danger that leads to an accident.

Drivers who are involved in crashes caused by debris from other vehicles may want to consult with a lawyer about opportunities for compensation. The laws may also impose fines on drivers responsible for items that block traffic on public roads.

Source: CT Post, “AAA study: Road debris causing deaths, accidents,” Jim Shay, August 11, 2016

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