84-year-old woman killed in car crash with alleged drunk driver

Firm News On Friday, May 30, 2014

While responsible alcohol consumption can be a great way to relax and unwind, even drinking responsibly can be dangerous for drivers in New Haven, and elsewhere. According to the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, nearly 13,000 deaths result from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents each year. In many cases, the effects of alcohol, including impaired judgment, slowed reflexes, difficulty concentrating and blurred vision, factor into causing these fatal collisions.

It appears that a recent fatal accident in Long Island may have been alcohol-related. According to reports, an 84-year-old woman was killed when an alleged drunk driver struck her car. The 29-year-old driver believed responsible for the collision reportedly crossed into oncoming traffic and was returning to the correct lane when he hit a center median, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. The woman was taken to a hospital in Bay Shore, where she was pronounced dead.

Four hours after the crash, authorities reported that the man’s blood alcohol level was .13. He has reportedly been charged with driving while intoxicated and aggravated driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, speeding, aggravated vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter.

Suffering the loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident, especially an accident caused by a drunk driver, can be devastating for family members who are left behind. Although no amount of money can bring a person back, compensation may help ease any financial burdens that a fatal drunk driving accident may cause. If you have lost a loved one in such an accident, it may be of benefit to seek legal counsel to discuss your options.

Source: Long Island Press, “East Islip Man Indicted for Vehicular Homicide in Fatal Crash,” Rashed Mian, May 17, 2014

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