4 ways to keep party guests from driving drunk

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It is advisable that party hosts take steps to prevent guests from driving drunk, otherwise they might find themselves liable for third-party injuries.

Residents of Connecticut who plan on having a party or get-together in the near future should be aware of something known as social host liability. Put simply, party hosts who allow intoxicated guests to drive after leaving the premises may be held liable under certain circumstances if that intoxicated guest is involved in a drunk driving accident. Hosts should learn how to limit their liability and reduce the chances of innocent third parties being injured by keeping their guests from driving drunk.

1. Keep a clear head throughout the party

Party hosts should refrain from imbibing too much alcohol in order that they can keep an eye on guests who overindulge. Unclouded judgment is essential to prevent disaster and keep guests safe. It is especially important for there to be an adult who has not been drinking at parties where guests may be under the legal drinking age, to prevent them from being served alcohol.

2. Research options for alternate transportation

Depending on the time of year, there might be free cab rides available to prevent drunk driving. Hosts should look into current options and rideshare services like Lyft and Uber, both of which often offer free rides to first-time users. Even if a person has to pay for a taxi or bus, it is guaranteed to be less expensive than a DUI or litigation costs should an accident occur. Having transportation information ready before a party prevents hosts from scrambling to keep intoxicated guests from harming themselves or anyone else.

3. Buy a personal breathalyzer

Some guests may not seem intoxicated even if their blood alcohol levels are over the legal limit. Should one of those guests get pulled over by the police on the way home, she or he may be surprised at the breathalyzer results. Party hosts can buy a personal breathalyzer and test guests who drink to ensure their levels are not over the limit. It is best to wait at least 10 minutes after guests drink before testing, as doing so provides a more accurate reading.

4. Offer non-alcoholic alternatives and food

Party hosts can provide non-alcoholic beverages, which some guests may prefer over alcohol. Water, fruit juices and seltzer are just a few beverages that are great for parties and help prevent hangovers for those looking to head the drunken horse off at the pass. Dips, cheeses, eggs and other foods packed with protein, carbs, and fat may also slow alcohol absorption.

The social host law draws attention to how important it is for party hosts in New Haven to take the preventative approach when it comes to drunk driving. An attorney could be instrumental in responding to an even bigger legal and financial disaster.

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