3 people, including newborn, injured in Fairfield car accident

Firm News On Thursday, November 7, 2013

Speed limits and other traffic laws are in place in order to maintain order and safety on the roads and highways throughout New Haven and the rest of the U.S. If drivers disregard those safeguards, it can, and does, often result in car accidents. When these types of accidents occur, not only the negligent driver can end up being seriously injured or even killed, other drivers and passengers can also be affected, even if they were taking every precaution.

According to reports, law enforcement officers believe a careless driver is responsible for a recent car accident in Fairfield. Authorities allege the man was speeding and driving erratically on Interstate 95 before he crashed into another vehicle, causing it to roll and trapping the family inside. The initial crash reportedly led to a chain reaction of subsequent collisions. In total, nine cars were reported to have been involved in the incident.

The man, woman and their 18-day-old infant who were in the second vehicle were reportedly injured in the accident. Although the family’s injuries were purportedly non-life threatening, all three were taken to the hospital after they were freed from their vehicle. There were, however, no further details released regarding their injuries or conditions.

The injured family could choose to file a civil lawsuit against the driver who allegedly caused the collision. In most cases, lawsuits of this type would seek financial compensation for undue medical expenses that resulted from the accident, as well as for lost wages, if the two adults were forced to take time off of work to recover themselves or to care for their baby. A lawyer may be able to help them, and anyone who has been involved in a car crash, determine how best to proceed and whether to pursue legal action.

Source: Connecticut Post, “9-vheicle accident gridlocks I-95,” Oct. 19, 2013

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