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Stronger dog ordinances considered in New Haven

In the summer of 2016, a woman was killed after being attacked by two pit bulls in New Haven. This is sadly not the first such incident that Connecticut residents have heard about where a person is seriously injured or killed by a dog. While pets can be a positive part of people's lives, it is also important for them not to be allowed to harm others.

This is exactly the premise on which the New Haven Board of Alders is reviewing recommendations from the Public Safety Commission to revise the city's dog laws. The request is to strengthen the laws, potentially modelling them on those used in New Britain. The laws in Connecticut do not allow for rules that are specific to individual breeds but it is possible to make some changes to existing New Haven laws.

Restaurant responsibility for drunk patrons

Many people may not consider the responsibilities which Connecticut bars and restaurants have to ensure that their customers make it home safely. However, the duty of these establishments is laid out in dram shop civil liability statutes. The National Conference of State Legislatures says that dram laws consider businesses which sell alcohol to be liable if a customer becomes drunk and harms someone.

In Connecticut, if someone damages property or causes physical harm to a person after drinking alcohol, the business which provided the liquor usually needs to be notified. After receiving a notification, businesses are typically required to provide compensation for the injuries a person incurred at the hands of the drunk customer. Compensation may also be required if property was damaged. Businesses generally pay $250,000 at most to the people affected by their inebriated customers.

Why do truck accidents happen?

We often refer to vehicle collisions as “accidents” because we recognize that people rarely intend to hit us when we are driving. When truck accidents happen, though, there may be many other factors at work that make them much more complicated than other crashes. What is really going on behind truckers’ behaviors and the accidents that occur?

Increasing numbers of drugged driving accidents

When Connecticut residents think about driving under the influence, alcohol is usually the first substance which springs to mind. However, drugs may be the bigger concern when it comes to collisions caused by impaired driving. At Loughlin and Fitzgerald, we understand that these fatal crashes can have a large impact on your family.

While you may see alcohol as a more serious danger on the road, the most recent data suggests that you should possibly be more concerned about drugs. According to Science World Report, many drivers killed in a collision had drugs in their system at the time of the accident. The CEO of an impaired driving organization says that the number of incidents involving drugged drivers have risen, and that in 2015, fatal accidents tended to see less alcohol but more drugs.

Are dog bites occurring more often?

Although you may not consider dog bites to be a common occurrence, the number of incidents which occur each year is actually increasing. While many people might think that dogs chasing mailmen is a stereotype, it is postal workers who are most affected by these rising attacks.

One of the factors behind increasing numbers of dog bites is shopping habits. According to the Connecticut Post, online shopping has placed postal workers in contact with dogs more often as they deliver packages seven days a week. This increased exposure raises the chance that someone will have a hostile encounter with a dog. In 2016, 6,755 postal workers were bitten by dogs. Insurance claims suggest, though, that the severity of attacks may be decreasing even as more people are harmed.

Preventing slips and falls at an open house

When Connecticut residents host an open house, they may think more about their home’s appearance than its safety. However, people may slip or fall in a house if they are not aware of potential hazards. It is usually up to homeowners to ensure that their house is as safe as possible for guests.

While homeowners may not see potential hazards in their house, these may be immediately evident to other people. CRES Insurance Services says that because realtors are knowledgeable about open houses, they can point out places where visitors may slip or fall. Sometimes something as simple as loose carpeting can be dangerous when someone enters a house for the first time. Before the event, all potential hazards should typically be identified so they can be either fixed or clearly marked with a sign. These signs allow visitors to recognize potential dangers and take care.

Consequences of hosting parties with alcohol

When you host a party at your Connecticut home, you likely focus on providing an enjoyable evening. However, you may want to pay closer attention to what can happen after your guests leave. We at Loughlin Fitzgerald know that sometimes you may not realize the consequences of being a social host until after the party ends.

Although the legal drinking age is 21, many young people have access to alcohol regardless of age. The National Conference of State Legislatures says that of all people over the age of 12, 11.2 percent report driving while intoxicated. In the 12-20 age range, 24.3 percent of people consumed alcohol in at least one month during 2012.

Number of dog bites each year

As Connecticut residents read stories about dog bites in the paper and hear about them on the news, they may wonder how common these attacks are. These events are not as rare as many people might think. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, dogs bite 4.5 million people on average each year.

Most of the people who are bitten by dogs are children and senior citizens. Children are more prone to incur severe injuries, and are usually bitten by dogs they know. While the number of dog bites ranges in the millions, about 800,000 dog bites merit medical attention.

Pedestrian fatalities on the rise

Pedestrians were less safe for car accidents in 2016 than in previous years, according to a new study. Reviewing data collected in the first half of last year, the report says that pedestrian fatalities have increased at four times the rate of traffic deaths this decade (and traffic deaths are on the rise too).

Overall, the report by the Governors Highway Safety Association says about 6,000 pedestrians died last year from accidents. It's a startling increase, and last year was the highest jump since they began keeping records 40 years ago.

Understanding driver fatigue

Connecticut drivers may think they are being responsible as long as they are not drinking and driving. However, it can sometimes be just as dangerous to be drowsy behind the wheel. It is important to understand how fatigue affects people and what can be done about it.

Drivers may be drowsy for a variety of reasons. says that fatigue can stem from lack of sleep, sleep disorders and erratic work schedules. People who are not well-rested generally experience delayed reactions and lapsed judgment behind the wheel. This can result in accidents which can be fatal.