Understanding spinal cord injuries

Despite your best efforts to be safe, there may come a time when you hurt your spine. Spinal cord injuries are not something to take lightly and can affect many aspects of your life in Connecticut. At Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand that coping with these injuries can be difficult.

Winter sports and brain injuries

While many Connecticut residents enjoy winter sports, they may not always consider the risks these sports present. It is not uncommon for injuries to occur, and it is good to be aware of the dangers of some winter sports, as well as how to prevent injuries.

How do you get Social Security benefits after a brain injury?

Brain injuries can leave you with long-term consequences. After experiencing one in Connecticut, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. When you apply for financial assistance, there are usually qualifications that you must meet in order to receive this compensation.

Can you get permanent damage from a concussion?

If you play sports in Connecticut or engage in other high-risk activities, you may have possibly sustained a concussion at some point, perhaps even without realizing it. While some people do not take this type of injury very seriously, Science Daily states that a 2013 study indicates that you may have brain damage after receiving a concussion; sometimes, this has the potential to affect you for years.

Biking a cause of brain injuries

Many Connecticut bikers do not associate cycling with brain injuries. Yet this form of exercise is responsible for a vast number of brain injuries each year. Bikers need to be aware of the dangers, as well as the safety precautions they can take, that come with participating in this sport on a regular basis.

Motor vehicle accidents and traumatic brain injuries

The human brain is an incredibly powerful yet equally delicate organ. A blow to the head can have signicant consequences for a Connecticut resident, even without loss of consciousness. Understanding the scope and dangers associated with brain injuries can be important for people so that they know how and when to seek proper help.

The brain injury recovery process

Connecticut residents who suffer brain injuries in incidents like motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and more may face a challenging road to recovery. The Brain Injury Resource Center indicates that the recovery from a brain injury focuses on two main areas. The first is the restoration of functioning and the second is the relearning of things when full restoration is not possible.

Understanding comas

When an injury accident happens, like a car crash, the risk of a brain injury may be present. If you have ever suffered even a mild concussion, you know that even mild brain injuries can become serious. A coma is defined by WebMD.com as a state of prolonged lack of consciousness. If you are in a coma, you will be unable to wake up or respond to any stimuli. Even if you were poked with a needle, you would not respond.

A primer on traumatic brain injuries

The term “traumatic brain injury” is a highly accurate description of the various situations that can be classified within this condition. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that any type of jolt, blow or bump to the brain, including that caused by a penetration of the skull, can cause a traumatic brain injury. With approximately 138 deaths due to TBIs in the U.S. daily, they account for roughly 30 percent of all injury fatalities each year.

What is amnesia?

Among the many concerns when someone is injured such as in a car accident, dog attack or other event is whether or not any brain damage has been sustained. Connecticut residents who suffer a brain injury can experience a range of consequences depending upon the severity of their head injury. One condition that can result is amnesia. While most people have heard of amnesia, few may fully understand it.

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