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Childhood dog bites: Treating them on the scene

Your child was playing in the yard when your neighbor's dog started to walk toward him. You were familiar with the dog, so you didn't go out of your way to protect your child from it. As your child was playing with the pet, he began to get a little rough, as toddlers do. Unfortunately, he did something the dog didn't like, and, after your toddler, understandably, missed the warning signs, the dog bit him.

Motorcycles can be fun but also pose danger to their drivers

Summertime in Connecticut sees a large increase in the number of motorcycles on the road, which makes sense. The sun is out, the roads are dry and clear. Summer presents ideal conditions for using a motorcycle to commute to work or just taking it out for a pleasure cruise. Most motorcycle drivers in the state are well-trained and aware of the law. They know how to share the roads safely with larger vehicles.

Throwing a party with underage drinking could cause big problems

It's summer, which means it is only natural for high school and college-aged kids to get together and have fun. Unfortunately, for a lot of young people, having a good time could involve the consumption of alcohol. If you discover that your parents are out of town during the upcoming weekend, you may invite a few friends over for fun. That could quickly snowball into a loud, unruly party. Even if you keep things low-key, you could be putting yourself (and your parents) at risk by serving alcohol to your underage friends. If one of them leaves while under the influence, you could be liable.

4 tips for staying safe on your motorcycle

As warmer weather slowly but surely makes its way to Connecticut, what better way to enjoy it than spending time outside? For some that means backyard barbecues and trips to the beach. For others, it means dusting off their motorcycle and getting out for regular rides.

Why do truck accidents happen?

We often refer to vehicle collisions as “accidents” because we recognize that people rarely intend to hit us when we are driving. When truck accidents happen, though, there may be many other factors at work that make them much more complicated than other crashes. What is really going on behind truckers’ behaviors and the accidents that occur?